app ad monetization

app ad monetization instagram facebook, appstore and huwai appgallery applications English, appstore and huwai appgallery applications will be published in the playstore, appstore and huwai appgallery applications, then we will open a google admob account, and after adding these ads to the application, we will start making money indirectly by sharing our application on Instagram, facebook, reddit and as many social media as possible to get new users. then we will attract an active audience to our application thanks to google ads, and thanks to them we will receive regular income. if there is something you don’t understand, you can get an answer by asking in the comments. remember, as long as you follow your dreams, no obstacles will come up against you, just don’t be this obstacle. if you are having problems with google admob, the mobile application sector, which is available on other advertising platforms, is a sector that is very open to the tip to make money.