does money make you happy

does money make you happy making money is an element that deeply affects human psychology. for example, if a person who does a job spends more and more effort, he gets tired, this deeply affects his psychology, or a person earns high amounts in the job he works for, but this person may actually be an unhappy person because behind his many successes in human life, there is actually labor and fatigue. on the contrary, of course, there are cases when a person who earns little makes a lot of effort and can’t get the reward for his work, if he feels himself in a vacuum, his psychology can wear out. when we compare these situations, which side would you like to be on? if dec are many psychological factors that affect your life, I can call it an element that is among them in making money, now your life is in your hands and you are the one who will shape it. as far as I’m concerned, work a little, but earn a lot of money. how to do this is already in my blog posts to you