how did bill gates get so rich

How Did Bill Gates Get So Rich? Bill Gates was born to a modest family in the slums of any city in America. He was a bright young kid and his father was a well-known teacher. As such, he was surrounded by people who knew all about education, and the opportunity to learn quickly was always open.

So, Bill Gates grew up in a world where knowledge was not so hard to acquire. He attended the local prep schools, got an early start at age 14 with a simple computer that his parents bought him, and then went on to study for an undergraduate degree at Harvard University, majoring in mathematics. From there, he went to work for AT&T as a programming specialist, Bill Gates thought that the money would make him wealthy. Instead, it created the confidence and the drive that led him on a different path that would change the face of software forever.

Gates studied computer science and math in college, and this was perhaps his greatest calling. Not only did he learn these things, but he actually made a lot of friends in the business industry, many of whom went on to be some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern era. Some of them include Paul Allen, Steve Jobs, John Macpherson, Bill Davidson, Raybestos MacLaine, Wayne Gretsky, and Mark Zuckerberg. The list is a long one, and almost every name mentioned has had their own significant impact on the business industry and, yes, even on how did Bill Gates get so rich.

What business industry hasn’t needed an entrepreneur? Any business can use one as they can be very helpful in raising the levels of success for their company. Gates graduated from Harvard University with a degree in mathematics, and he knew that the business world was changing. People were becoming dissatisfied with the fact that computers were getting slower every year, and that the mainframe computer he worked on in his graduate studies at MIT was taking so much longer to complete. After working on some highly technical projects, he knew that the computer system needed to change, and he pursued this goal with Bill Gates. It turned out to be exactly right, and Gates began to change the face of the computing industry forever.

Now, how did Bill Gates get to be the richest man in the world? It all started with the internet. He made a little software program called Windows, and sold it to a few thousand people, mostly college students. They weren’t very sure about the product, so they were more than happy to pay a few dollars to get it. Once they got hold of it, they couldn’t believe their luck, and the rest is history.

The question is not how did bill gates get so rich, but how did he get Rich, and how did the rest of us get Rich? Bill Gates changed the face of the computer industry forever with his introduction of the personal computer. Without computers, we would not be where we are today. The internet has done wonders for us, and Bill Gates deserves every bit of his success.