how do forex brokers make money

how do forex brokers make money first named means welcome in my blog post, I want to start my post by telling me how you actually make money on forex even though so much money on the winner thanks to the reason that there have been too many fake sites are known as losers. so you have to be careful and make your decisions accordingly.
so how does a forex broker make money ?
forex brokers make money with commissions they receive from the volume of transactions you have made, for example, think that you have made a $10,000 transaction, how much% of the commission remains with the broker you are trading with, have you ever calculated it? probably, after this article you will calculate that, in fact, they earn large amounts of amounts, but the main thing is that here they are known as advertisements that they give on forex exchanges. I wish you a good year making good money thanks to forex. forex markets scare people because making and losing a lot of money is an event that can happen in the right proportion, but there are such risks everywhere in life, and I think that someone who wants to make money in trading should definitely take such risks.