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how to care for flowers

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how to care for flowers
how to care for flowers method easy how to care for flowers
first we have to grow our flowers beautifully all over the soil. Later, let's check the water quality that we can do with these flowers.


Let’s begin by carefully removing all protective wrapping.


Now add cold water to a vase, followed by the flower food included in this package. The water and the flower food will help keep your flowers fresh longer.


Skipping the middleman means you get the freshest flowers, at the best prices. Now, you can make artisan bouquets a part of your regular routine with our reliable “set it and forget it” subscriptions!Before you begin arranging your flowers, prep them by cutting them at a 45-degree angle, one inch from the end of the stem, or to the length needed for your vase.


Now remove any leaves that may end up below the water line. Leaves in the water will attract bacteria, shortening the life of your flowers. If you have chosen a Vase Ready Bouquet and love how they’re arranged, you can simply place them in the vase you prepared earlier.


For longer lasting vase life, cut the stems of your flowers every week and replenish your vase with fresh water. Keep them at a cool temperature and away from direct sunlight. As often as needed, remove faded flowers and re-arrange the remaining flowers.

Arrangement Tips

Even if you’ve never tried flower arrangement before, your Enjoy Flowers delivery will give you plenty of opportunities to try this unique form of artistic expression. Try these simple steps to get started.


Prep your flowers as described in our flower care section.


Start by putting the longest flowers in the middle of the vase. Turn the vase as you place the flowers to make sure the arrangement is symmetrical.


If you’d like to create an interesting shape with your arrangement, cut the stems at different lengths as you continue to add flowers to the vase.


You’re almost done! To complete your arrangement, fill it with foliage to add texture and to hold the flowers where you want them.