how to make money from your blog

how to make money from your blog how can you make money from your blog site, you will learn about it in this blog post. first of all, do I think about other people, or should you think that my only goal is to make money, because you can fill your site with ads and annoy users, or you can earn less with few ads, but the more likes and audiences you get from the user, the more your earnings will increase in the future. for example, let’s assume that there is a blog site with 100 hits, and this blog stays on your site for 100 hits for 1 year, but if a site with few ads maybe 100 people enter it daily, as a result, it can reach 1000 hits in 1 year and earn more money. to earn money, you can use google adsense. those who do not want to use google adsense can find other advertising companies on their blog sites by searching for adsite publisher as a cpc.