how to make money on bigo

how to make money on bigo how can you make money thanks to bigo in this blog post I will tell you about it. first of all, your gender is important in this regard, if you are a girl, you start out ahead of boys 1-0, and the reason for this is very clear and obvious. people send more money to girls. i will tell you 2 methods
1- if you are a girl, read here : first of all, wear nice clothes and try to be funny, so people will donate to you, and you will earn money in this way.

2- if you are a man, be funny and entertain other people so that you can earn money Remember that the more confident you are, other people will want to send you more money.
bigo live will get a commission from you whether you are a girl or a guy, and don’t forget to calculate it in your earnings.