how to make money on tiktok

thank you for reading my blog post how to make money on tiktok in advance. i’ll tell you how you can make money on tiktok in this blog post. first of all, you need to earn followers on this platform, because when you open a live stream on tiktok, people who are watching you will send you money, and you will start earning money by earning a tiktok token. first of all, think about how much money you want to earn, and what kind of videos other people watch, think about them, make your decision and start making money by opening a tiktok account. after making your decision, make experiments and try to get tracking to decide how accurate this decision is. after that, there will be a very simple stage after that, when you start making money already, invest in your tiktok account and reach more audiences if you are asking why I will do this, if people who say they are not happy that I have money are actually the amount of their money. that’s why you have to make a lot of money. if you have received the answer to the question of how to make money on tiktok, there is no problem for me, but if you are not satisfied with this information, you should tell me in the comments section.