Aralık 19, 2020

pinterest bot make money method

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I’m feeling generous today, so I will post you how to REALLY earn money with Pinterest.

This guide is to build a REAL business, one that you can grow with.
THIS IS NOT TO SPAM, nor those shitty “quick rich schemes” to redirect Pinterest users to CPA landing pages, etc.
These won’t work. You can do them, sure, but they won’t be for long term.

First thing first. You will NEED these:

  • MONEY: You have to invest to earn money. In this case, you need to buy private proxiesdomainhosting, etc.
    • DON’T USE SHARED PROXIES!!! 1 private proxy=1 pinterest account. BE SAFE!!
    • PROXIES MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA!! Pinterest has a geolocation system and it can give your pins less exposure if you are from India/South America/Whatever. You want AMERICAN traffic. Traffic that CONVERTS! So you need your pins to appear on American user’s feeds.
    • DON’T BE CHEAP! Use a real domain/hosting, not some blogspot/web 2.0 thing. You want to build a business here, treat it like one.
  • Pinterest Bot: Whatever does the work, there’s a bunch here on BHW. Do some research.
    • You will need this so you don’t go nuts managing your sock-puppets accounts.
  • 5 Pinterest accounts1 Money account (Business) and the others 4, sock-puppets accounts.
    • It can be even more, but for the sake of this tutorial, and money saving, we’ll work with those.
  • TIME!!! The most important thing to take notice here is that this method will take a lot of time (4+ months) If you have not the patience to do this, then this method is not for you.

Now that we are clear about the things that we need, let’s see what Pinterest is all about:

​It’s a social network populated mainly by US females that shares images with each others. Pretty dumb, right? However, female demographic is the one that is the most likely to pour money into something that attracts them online.

A PC hardware e-commerce account won’t do the trick. Use your common sense…

The most common niche is food recipes. However, it’s pretty crowed.
You can try, but be sure it’s a recipe specialty, say, vegan recipes. Best of luck on that one.
It could be also health related, that niche brings even more money since you can sell products that are more expensive, e-books, etc.

Think outside the box, research the audience. See what pins are the most shared, take a look at the website that is being promoted. Emulate their formula and add your own twists.

Now that you have your niche nailed down, let’s do the REAL work:

1. Gain followers:

​You will need to use your Pinterest bot of choice for this one.
You will follow users that are following boards related to your niche.
Be sure that those boards are active and not with that many followers. You could end up following other bots.
The thing here is to follow accounts that look legit. Do this with all your accounts, including your money one.
Create boards that reflects your niche. Be sure that you diversify your boards and don’t make all about your “money niche”. Add some shitty things like “ONE DIRECTION LOVE”, etc. You want to make your sock puppets accounts legit looking.

NOTE: You can follow up to 200 followers per 3 hours. Don’t overdo this. Stay under the radar and make it natural. Don’t go all crazy all at once.

2. Make a compelling professional wordpress blog:

​Your site must look legit: purchase a cool WordPress template from Themeforest or whatever.
In my case, I don’t use nulled templates/plug-ins for the fact that, as said before, I treat it as a REAL BUSINESS; don’t be a cheap ass. If your site is hacked because you used an outdated template/plug-in, don’t go back crying because you screwed up.
BE SURE THAT THE THEME IS RESPONSIVE!! The main traffic from Pinterest is mobile users, so be sure it’s adapted for this.

3. Research some long tails keywords that pays well per CPC, or promote affiliate links.

​Add articles like “Top 10 blablabla…“, “how to..” or “10 ways to…” in your blog. You need clicks to your sites, don’t just post images with shitty descriptions, they won’t work.. Take a look at buzzfeed, they are experts on clickbaits titles. Or even look at Pinterest, they do the same thing.

Use those high paying CPC keywords to make Adsense show good ads for your visitors.
Or in the case that you want to sell affiliate goods, find ones that pay a lot and are related to your niche. Do a good informative article and plug the affiliate product, but don’t be very aggressive. Make it sound like you tried that product and it worked.

RECOMMENDED: build an email list. This is the backbone of every good marketer. Don’t rely all in Pinterest. If for any reason they block your link, you can still have your subscribers. to keep receiving visits.

4. Make nice images promoting those articles to pin into your Pinterest sock puppets accounts.

​For this you will need some basic graphic design skills.
Grab a stock image, pay for one if you have to, and add a eye-popping text in your image that you will pin later on from your money pinterest account. Make sure it’s vertical and big. Add the article title on that image. That will make the article go viral on Pinterest.

5. Add open graph meta tags to your articles.

When a visitor pins from your blog to Pinterest, the pins will show your article’s title and other metadata on the pinned image. This is what Pinterest call “Rich Pin”. It will make the pin more legit. Be sure to validate and apply for a “rich pin”. It will be approved manually, it could take up to 14 days. Once you are approved, you won’t need to apply for each article.
Make sure that all your articles have those meta tags.
You can do this with the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

6. Be sure that your visitors can share easily your images from your article with their smartphones.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you want to keep receiving viral traffic, do this. You will be surprised when visitors pins your articles on their own. Free traffic!

7. Build a fanbase

​Create a twitter/facebook/instagram/youtube account. You can even use bots to receive more followers into these. Use a popup social plugin on your blog for this. Use other bots for these social platform to gain more followers. This will keep your audience engaged to your site. Use something like Hootsuit to manage all those social accounts.
DON’T BUY FOLLOWERS! It’s useless and a complete scam! I don’t care what they sell on the marketplace, it won’t help you a thing, it can even hurt you. So beware!

8. ?????


Congrats! You finally managed to build a REAL business without resorting to shitty spam!

I left some other important details relating to how to make the real BUCK, but I gave you enough hints so you can fill the blanks. I don’t want to spoon feed you more that than I already had.

I hope that you enjoyed this guide.
Be sure that this won’t be sold as a WSO/shitty e-book because they will rip you off.

Happy marketing!