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pinterest make money method

How to Pinterest make money method :

1. Become a Pinterest virtual assistant

Pinterest virtual assistants help bloggers, social media influencers, and online business owners optimize their Pinterest accounts. This includes things like:

  • Creating pins
  • Using Tailwind for scheduling
  • Automating the pinning process
  • Doing keyword research
  • Working with Pinterest Ads Manager to run Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s version of Facebook ads)
  • Creating sales funnels, opt-ins, and more
Share photos and direct their addresses to your site.
4. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your ecommerce site
f you have an ecommerce site, whether it’s through you can drive [ shopify , or website ] traffic to your site and make money with Pinterest. Again, you’re not directly making money from Pinterest — you are leveraging Pinterest’s powerful search engine.
Here’s why Pinterest is an important tool for your ecommerce site:
90% of users say that Pinterest helps them decide what to buy
78% say it’s helpful to see content from brands they see on Pinterest
66% buy something after seeing it on Pinterest
Pinterest brings in 33% more traffic to shopping sites than Facebook does
You can read more data from Pinterest
If you’re an online shop owner, you can utilize Pinterest in the same ways that bloggers do. That’s creating pins to promote new products, putting together boards for different styles or themes, doing keyword research, etc. 
One thing I didn’t mention that’s a huge asset to ecommerce owners who want to learn how to make money on Pinterest is something called Promoted Pins. These are basically Pinterest’s version of Facebook ads. They look like normal pins, but they’re actually an ad. 
You can optimize your Promoted Pins to meet different goals (traffic, brand awareness, app installs, etc.) You can choose to place ads in browse mode. But you can also do it in search mode, where you would pick the keywords a user would need to search to see your ads — this is a valuable position because you’re getting ads in front of people who are searching specifically for your product, or at least ones like it.
M$M tip: If you want to learn how to make money on Pinterest by running Promoted Pins for your site, I would check out the mentioned earlier. There is an entire section on Promoted Pins, and you’ll learn a lot more about utilizing Pinterest for your own business needs.
Increase the number of pinterest followers
pinterest make money method easy :)

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