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steam make money method

Steam make money method In this article, I want to share the method of making steam money.

Alright, look. I know this method is a little off-the-wall, but it’s definitely worth it if you put in a little effort. Believe me.

1. An active Steam account with at least one game purchased (the account itself is free; you can buy a super cheap game off G2A for around $0.50)
2. A premium Team Fortress 2 account (costs around $0.35)
3. At least one Mann Co. Supply Crate Key (~$2.50)

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to earn some easy cash. Before we continue, however, here are some pointers about the TF2 economy that you’ll need to understand:

1 Key = $2.50 / 19 Refined Metal (price in refined fluctuates; price in USD is static)
1 Bud = 4 Keys / ~$10

So, let’s get started!

STEP 1: Install and run TF2. Join a random server, preferably one where noobs congregate (such as a Payload server)

STEP 2: Alt-tab out and open a browser. Navigate to tf2endgame.com (there’s a newer version available, but the older one is more reliable)

STEP 3: Go back to TF2. Press ESC and go to the game’s options. Under “Keyboard/Mouse”, enable the developer console. (Might be in advanced settings)

STEP 4: Open the console by hitting “~” and type “status” without the quotation marks.

STEP 5: Copy (CTRL+C) all the information brought up with that command.

STEP 6: Alt-tab out again and paste that information into tf2endgame.com. Run the scanner.

STEP 7: Select a player with a low number of hours and high-value items. Send a trade request to that player by hitting ESC, clicking on the crate icon, and finding his username.

STEP 8: Exchange your key for the high-value item using social engineering. Enjoy your profits!

STEP 9: Rinse and repeat. Move across several servers and keep racking up profits.

STEP 10 (Optional): Cash out by converting your profits into keys and selling the keys via PayPal. You can find sellers and buyers on tf2outpost.com

The key to this method is to find players who are inexperienced with trading and do not recognize the value of their item. AT NO TIME should you mention the true value of said item. This is not scamming, it is social engineering (referred to as “sharking” by the community).

Again, I realize this is a bit of a weird method, but with some time and effort, it can net you around $50-$100 a day. Thanks for reading, and be sure to ask some questions!

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