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website making money method

If you want to listen, I want to tell you how to make $ 1000 a month of make money without leaving your pocket. I will teach you how to make money in this article for free. First of all, you set up a website that appeals to Germany or America. you need to write articles in german on this website [now you will say, brother, i am turkish, how will i write a german article]

Let me explain this immediately, first you need to know a good Turkish, then you can write your articles in Turkish and then you can translate from English to German in 1-2 seconds thanks to google translate. We create 15-20 posts, I tell you the most golden method to start making money after these posts, we apply to googlin’s money making service, you can find it with a little research. We make our application and we are now a Google employee and starting to make money. For example, I have now built a Turkish site and I have advertisements on my site. Since Turkish advertisers give worthless advertisements, I earn 10 cents per 1 advertisement. but if this site was a site that appeals to Germany, I would get 1 TL for the lowest 1 print. Remember, you can set up a site on the internet and earn money. shape your life by making money yourself. It will be good for you and your budget to write articles that you can get from the top when searched on googles that will attract people’s attention. Earning money from where you sleep at home is that simple. The important thing is to write and share the content you believe will make money. Thank you for reading my article. I wish you a good day. It’s that easy to make money.

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