Aralık 19, 2020

youtube free subscribe method

ile admin

Step 1 – the Niche Teaser
Choose a teaser that related to your Niche, for example if your channel niche is about “how to win the lottery”
then think about a teaser that will “promise” something to those who subscribe to your channel (but we never going to say that directly)
so good teaser will say “the 14-Time Lottery Winner secret” broadcast starts soon…

Step 2 – the SEO + the content
. Do a keyword research and add all the SEO stuff – title, description, tags and shortlink in the description (see 2c)
this is a very important step, you need to choose the best long tail kw they need to be long-tail but with some daily search volume, you better aim low and later you can change and improve those kw.

2b. IMPORTANT don’t forget to upload the most clickable thumbnail you can think of that is relevant to your channel, that is the teaser! that is the clickbait !

it must contain a CALL to action “Subscribe to get more info” or “Subscribe to get notified” or something like that…

2c. on the top of the description you MUST add a short link that will redirect to your channel ID + add sub (add a call to action next to it – “click here for more info” or “click here to join for free”)

youtube com/channel/REPLACE_WITH_ID?sub_confirmation=1
youtube com/user/USERNAME?sub_confirmation=1

Step 3 – Scheduled to the future
you need to set your “next streaming” to a date in the future

you can set the date to next day so visitors will think they don’t need to wait to long, and later you can change it and extend it (note that we don’t plan to stream anything, this is just a teaser)

you can use other real traffic sources, google adwords, push ads, popads, mailing lists etc. but those usually will cost more

this is a legit method, since youtube allows you to schedule broadcasts and tease audience to follow your content later.
the subs you gain organically will wait for your content, since there is some mystery involved as you gave them only clues about your content, so those are good niche related active subs!
Good Luck!